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Leitrim Honey

PJ McLoughlin makes ‘local run honey’ which is available all year round. The benefits of PJ’s honey are endless. Make sure to buy natural for the best results and taste. Easy to store and doesn’t spoil even with no preservatives and additives and it comes in 8oz and 12oz jars.

Chef Sham Sauces

Chef Shamzuri (Sham) Hanifa producer of the handmade Chef Sham Sauces, is the owner of the award-winning Cottage Restaurant in Jamestown. he has built a popular reputation for producing contemporary Irish cuisine with an Asian fusion twist.

Bo Peep Preserves

Owned and operated by Noel McPartland, self-confessed to be one of the oldest entrepreneurs in the country. With extreme passion and dedication, Noel brought back this iconic brand and placed it with pride in the centre of our kitchen tables.