Blakes Always Organic

Blakes is a specialist company selling premium, organic products. Blakes just launched their Award Winning Blakes Always Organic Culture Blend Coffee which won the Bord Bia Best Organic Processed Product in 2016 and Blakes Always Organic Feel Good Kefir. These guys are fantastic at everything they do.

Blakes Always Organic ‘Feel Good’ Kefir is a live natural product that contains organic pasteurized cow’s milk and kefir grains. Drink it straight from the bottle, or make the perfect fruit smoothie, or use as buttermilk. For convenience Blakes have a handy grab and go a Kefir Oat Tub 150g. Blakes Always Organic Coffee tastes amazing, the range is something to cherish. Having worked closely with coffee and cocoa farmers in South America, Fairtrade and local experts they have mastered the perfect coffee. Blakes are looking forward to launching their own range of raw milk and mature cheese with one being pasteurised and the other raw called Sheemor & Sheebeg Organic Cheese.


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  • The Kefir bottles are made from P.E.T. plastic and fully recyclable, as is the lid.
  • Our coffee pouches are also recyclable, and we hope to introduce compostable/biodegradable coffee pouches in the near future.