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Taste the difference of hand roasted specialty coffees from the heart of Carrick on Shannon. Born into Austro-Hungarian & Italian coffee cultures, Artessa is a reflection of a life time immersed in coffee and starts with nothing but the finest.


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About Us

If you are serious about your coffee and want to have the competitive edge get in touch with Artessa. Great, freshly roasted coffee supplied weekly at a competitive price. Custom blends specific for your business. They will look after everything from training qualified baristas, setting up and supplying your machine and grinder to get you the best result from your coffees. Great selection of freshly roasted coffees are available in 1 kg and 250g pouches, both award winning blends and single origin coffees.

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  • Café Lounge, Carrick-on-Shannon
  • Online Shop
  • From Premises
  • Direct to Restaurants/Cafes
  • Distribution: Nationwide and EU


Artessa are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Since we started our business, we have looked for reducing waste and embracing environmental practices. We are very careful to avoid greenwashing, every product, practice we adopt must make a difference.

  • We have a range of organic coffees which we intend to grow in the future.
  • Our packaging is recyclable. If there’s a label on them, those are removable to ease the recycling process.
  • We ship orders in paper boxes and fill the void with air pillows made of potato. These air pillows are compostable at home.
  • Our office and production area well insulated and designed in a way that we don’t need air conditioning to reduce energy.
  • Our take away cups and lids are compostable, and sell reusable cups made of glass and stainless steel.
  • The jute bags (green coffees are delivered in them) are offered to the public for free. Gardeners, farmers like to use them.