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Ayresome Farm

Ayresome Farm

Ayresome is a Family run 2-acre herb and vegetable farm nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Leitrim. The Arnott family are dedicated to growing all-natural produce using the simplest of pest controls and fertilizers.


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About Us

A family run vegetable and herb farm situated in the beautiful hills of Leitrim. Not registered organic yet all the produce is grown without using chemicals or artificial pesticides. This ensures that the earth is as clean as possible producing food of the highest quality. It also ensures the produce is affordable to both the consumer and café or restaurant owner. Fill up your salad bowl with the baby leaf spinach, mixed lettuce, garlic, herbs, rocket and beetroot and any other season produce. Source/Locations:
  • Delicatessens
  • Independent Retailers
  • From Premises
  • Direct to Restaurants
  • Farmers Markets