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Bo Peep Preserves

Bo Peep Preserves

Owned and operated by Noel McPartland, self-confessed to be one of the oldest entrepreneurs in the country. With extreme passion and dedication, Noel brought back this iconic brand and placed it with pride in the centre of our kitchen tables.


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A high quality, affordable natural jam loved since the 1950s by all the family. Going back in time to the taste of melted butter and jam on warm toast in your grandmother’s kitchen, it doesn’t get any closer than Bo Peep jam. All the preserves are made with the old 1930 recipes. Full of lovely natural flavours that bring so many favourites to life from puddings, fresh breads, warm toast to jam tarts. Recently four new amazing flavours were added; Rhubard and Fig, Plum and Apple, Apricot Marmalade. You won’t find anything quite like Bo Peep jam. Source/Locations:
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