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Chef Sham Sauces

Chef Sham Sauces

Chef Shamzuri (Sham) Hanifa producer of the handmade Chef Sham Sauces, is the owner of the award-winning Cottage Restaurant in Jamestown. he has built a popular reputation for producing contemporary Irish cuisine with an Asian fusion twist.


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An exciting new range of convenient and totally delicious sauces and condiments which give a wonderful flavour. The versatile One for All Sauce is flavoursome to any Asian recipe, a Chilli Ketchup adds a fiery kick, a Sweet Chilli Sauce great with chicken or as a dipping sauce, a Balsamic Jelly which is an excellent accompaniment to a cheese board, a smoky Hoi Sin Sauce great with pulled pork, a Tomato Chilli Chutney that’s great with bread, a Fresh Sundried Tomato Paste that is a delicious dip and a Fresh Basil Pesto that enhances many dishes. Pick up yours in My Kitchen by Sham Hanifa. Source/Locations: • Farmers’ Markets • Farm Shops • Food Festivals • Independent Retailers • Online Shop • From Premises • Direct to Restaurants • See our website for a list of local suppliers