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Cottage Restaurant

Cottage Restaurant

An original and upbeat restaurant with the owner fittingly awarded Best Chef in Connaught in 2017. The inspiring menu combines a subtle blend of Asian influences with modern Irish and European favourites. All dishes are cooked from scratch using the freshest local and Irish produce. Beautifully atmospheric, this is a special destination.


Opening Hours

Friday: 06:30 PM-09:30 PM
Saturday: 06:30 PM-09:30 PM

About Us


  • The Cottage operates an Environmental Code of Practice which sees sustainability directly related to water and energy efficiency and the use of clean energy.
  • Responsible procurement of sustainable food products with an increased focus on local purchasing and food packaging.
  • Material recycling and waste management.
  • Food-waste – a strict code of practice is in place to manage or eliminate food waste.
  • Short Supply Chains – Every effort is made to use local and fresh produce eliminating the need for long carbon-producing supply chains.
  • This also has a beneficial impact on the local economy, especially in rural Ireland.