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Dromod Boxty

Dromod Boxty

A family run business located in the fine spot of Dromod, County Leitrim. Due to popular demand, they started producing Boxty of the highest standard. Since then this business has evolved to be something quite remarkable.


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About Us

Timmy and Angela Faughan have been proudly making Boxty since 1990. They quickly realised they could turn their hand to other unique staple household products and create something special. Since then they have mastered the perfect range and tastes of delicious homemade Boxty, equally delicious Gluten Free Boxty, yummy Pancakes and Potato Bread. Also make so many wonderful homemade breads that are healthy, low in fat, low in sugar and rich in energy; Health Bread, Millers Munch and Ginger Cake. What more could a local ask for? Source/Locations:
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