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O’Malley’s House of Bacon

O’Malley’s House of Bacon

O’Malley’s House of Bacon is a family butchers based in Carrigallen spanning years of experience over four generations. They have quite the reputation when it comes to delivering craft and product excellence. O’Malley’s are proud to support and sell local produce.


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About Us

Running their own farm, abattoir and butcher shop O’Malley’s have the rare opportunity of tracing their meat from farm to fork. Customers get a true element of trust which they can guarantee when they buy meat every day. With a wide variety of products ranging from home cured and smoked hams, artisan sausages, turkey rashers and burgers. They also have amazing home-grown beef and new to their line is their ‘Organic Irish Dexter Beef’. Make sure to grab their homemade sausage rolls if you see them. O’Malley’s have something to delight everyone’s taste buds. Source/Locations:
  • From Premises
  • Select butcher shops throughout the region