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Trimilawn Farm Herbs

Trimilawn Farm Herbs

Trimilawn Farm is dedicated to the production of superior quality herbs. They grow hundreds of varieties of herbs. They also specialise in producing traditional native Irish wildflowers as well as some amazing international herbs used in Native American, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.


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About Us

Trimilawn Farm has an extensive range of herbal teas, spice blends, dried herbs, curry blends and certified organic herbs seeds and spices. They have a passion for plants and Native Irish flowers. Plants are available to order from March to October each year. Also, do a wonderful range of vegetable transplants and they come in 6 plant trays. All their products are sourced from either organic or sustainable farms of the highest quality. The dried herbs and spice blends come in hexagonal jars containing approx. 50g of your chosen spice and our herbal teas come in 50g bags. Source/Locations:
  • Strandhill People’s Market, Sligo – Sunday