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For Gut Sake Lovely Leitrim Farm Fresh Milk

For Gut Sake Lovely Leitrim Farm Fresh Milk

For Gut Sake Lovely Leitrim Farm Fresh Milk is 100% natural milk with nothing added and nothing taken away. Tastes exactly like the milk you tasted from your grandfather’s farm. A wonderful creamy flavour that’s so refreshing served chilled in a pint glass.


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About Us

There are many reasons why you should drink raw unpasteurized milk. It is rich in healthy bacteria that can benefit your digestive system and provide various enzymes that help improve your digestion of nutrients from other foods. Helping improve allergies, weight loss and skin conditions. Going back to basics as nature intended For Gut Sake produce their raw milk from a small herd of cross breed Fresian, Ayrshire and Jersey cow. They happily graze away on hilly green Leitrim pastures looking over the beautiful Graradice Lake. Source/Locations:
  • Farm Shops
  • Food Festivals
  • Independent Retailers
  • Major Retailers
  • Online
  • Direct to Restaurants
  •  The cows are fed entirely grass and grass products which we produce from our own land for their diet.
  • The milk is 100% natural
  • The glass bottles are reused where possible
  • Orders are packed using sustainable wool insulation