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Irish Organic Meats

Irish Organic Meats

Irish Organic Meats is a registered Organic Butcher business owned and run by Declan McCarthy based in Ballinamore in Co. Leitrim. Declan buys Organic Beef and Lamb directly from Certified Organic farmers in the surrounding counties.


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About Us

Declan processes his organic beef and lamb in Ballinamore and retails at local Farmers Markets in the exact same fashion as any butcher shop. He has a purpose-built vending trailer for attending the market which is just like your local butcher’s shop on wheels. He sells Certified Organic Poultry from a grower in Naas and Conventional Pork as there is difficulty sourcing Certified Organic Pork. Sourcing from local organic farms ensures his meat is full traceability from farm to table. The quality of his meat can only be appreciated fully by its distinctive taste and flavour. The difference is obvious. Source/Locations:
  • From Premises
  • Direct to Restaurants
  • The Market Yard in Carrick On Shannon every Thursday
  • Town Hall Market in Cavan Town every Friday
  • IT Sligo Car Park College every Saturday